Business Partners

Business Partners

Commitment to a Solution that Fits You

We have leveraged our experience and expertise as providers to create a business line that is committed to connecting, collaborating and consulting with other providers and business partners to find success. We understand the challenges you are faced with first hand and offer a collaborative approach in developing solutions to overcome those challenges. These solutions are comprehensive and unique to your operation.

Value Based and Mission Focused

As a mission-focused, community-oriented organization, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality service, in an ethical and professional manner. This is made possible by our team of experts, committed to your experience and satisfaction. This dedication is shown through our values of service to others, following ethical standards, following compliance, and leading with integrity. Let our experience help you succeed today.

Our Menu of Services

Wilshire Business Partners employs individuals with broad Healthcare billing, sales, operational, marketing and communication backgrounds encompassing Home Health, Hospice, Physician and Pharmaceutical fields. Our services include:

Healthcare Billing
  • Billing Services:
    • Medicare
    • Medi-Cal/Medicaid
    • Private Insurance
    • Self Pay
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Collection services customized to client requests
  • Assisting with enrollment of clients to third-party carriers for Provider Numbers
  • Reports: monthly aging, collection activity, DSO & statistical data

Outsourcing your billing to Wilshire Business Partners will allow you to:

  • Reduce staff size
  • Decrease sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits and workers compensation
  • Reduce training costs
  • Reduce call volume
  • Better focus on patient care
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Decrease cash-flow interruptions & office costs
  • Decrease non-medical office space
  • Outsource provider/patient payment discussion

Billing and Collection Strategies:

  • Audit series to check claims prior to submission
  • Daily filing of Notice of Election (NOE) and NOTR
  • Prompt follow-up on accounts receivable and all claim rejections
  • Communication with insurance companies and other third party payers
  • Production of patient/guarantor statements for balance after insurance
  • Timely posting of payments to individual charges (all payments validated for accuracy)
  • Review of the Explanation of Benefits information for discrepancies
  • Regular communication with your staff and response to patient questions
  • Monthly reports on the status of claims submitted for payment

Other Services by Request: TAR submission, Insurance Eligibility Verification, State Report, Profit/Loss Reports, Payer Set-Up and maintenance in your software

Sales Consulting

Take your sales team to the next level and reach your agency and census needs.

Home-Based Health Care Operations Consulting

Consulting to build infrastructure and streamline your agency’s operations

Employee Engagement Facilitation

Consulting and facilitation to keep your employees retained through engagement and company culture

Workplace Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Customer Services Training

These trainings will help you implement a company culture of customer service, create strategies to work through conflict, and support your team with communication skills

Outreach and Social Media Consulting

Consulting that evaluates and implements digital strategies that me your healthcare needs from a marketing, social media and outreach perspective