JUSTIN Winery Meets with Wilshire Client After Grant Award

Justin Vineyards & Winery Grants Wilshire $5,000

Justin’s Team Meets with Shirley, a Wilshire client to Hear Impact of Services

Wilshire Community Services is excited to announce that it was awarded a grant for $5,000 this past spring from Justin Vineyards and Winery. Wilshire Community Services was one of several organizations receiving grants in 2019, which were selected by a committee of employees who volunteer annually to identify worthy organizations that provide projects and services that directly benefit the local community. The funds granted to Wilshire directly benefit older adults who have transportation needs in North County, because they are homebound or isolated.

This summer, Justin’s committee met with one of Wilshire’s clients to hear her story. Shirley has been a client of Wilshire for almost 9 years. As she has gotten older, she has slowly lost her mobility or ability to drive. With this physical transition, it became more difficult to get access to a grocery store, get to her doctor’s appointments, or have social engagements outside of her home. Through Wilshire’s “Good Neighbor Program”, Shirley was connected with a team member and a volunteer who help her get her groceries once a month and give her rides to her doctor’s appointments. Through the volunteer support, she also built a friendship which continues to keep her connected and socially engaged in the community. Shirley shared with the team how difficult the aging process has been for her, and that she finds the services help her to feel empowered and independent. She especially appreciates building a friendship with her volunteer, where she feels there is true reciprocity of connection.

Throughout the time with Justin’s team, Shirley shared anecdotal stories and wisdoms of aging. By the end of her time sharing, everyone had become fast friends and the true impact of the services was felt. It is through client stories that the grants and donations Wilshire receives come to life. Wilshire is grateful to Justin Vineyards and Winery for the grant funds to continue to serve older adults in North County, and to Shirley for candidly and vulnerably sharing her story.