Riso Family Loan Closet

Riso Family Loan Closet

“I don’t know what we would have done without the equipment donation. It made all the difference.”

When life circumstances arise, not all needs are covered by insurance. At the Wilshire Loan Closet, we believe access to equipment is a necessity, – not a privilege. Our Loan Closet is a free community resource that loans medical equipment to those in need. Basic medical devices such as crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs and bathroom safety equipment is commonly used for brief periods of time after an injury, surgery or similar circumstance and can be more expensive than families can afford. The Wilshire Loan Closet makes this equipment available to borrow when it is needed.

We always welcome donations. It’s how we to continue to build the a supply of available devices for community members who need them. We also welcome and volunteers are needed to staff the lending counter.

Appropriate medical equipment helps patients get better faster while being safe in their healing process. Wilshire is here to help YOU get back to living a fuller life on the Central Coast.

The Anthony Riso Legacy

The Riso Family Loan Closet is lovingly named in the memory of our late employee, coworker and friend, Anthony Riso. Anthony was a passionate force on the Wilshire team, always looking for an opportunity to better the lives of our patients and their families. Wilshire’s Loan Closet was born out of desire to provide patients and the community with necessary equipment to foster the healing process, regardless of ability to pay. In his last year with Wilshire, Anthony collected donations of wheelchairs, walkers and other medical equipment, while creating the Loan Closet infrastructure, so that the program could become a reality for our community.

We honor his legacy, “Live Like Anthony,” by making the Riso Family Loan Closet available to the community. Anthony is survived by his wife Sheena Riso and two children Michael and Jacob. Wilshire is dedicated to not only providing this service, but to preserving a lasting legacy of the father and man that Anthony Riso was for his family and community.

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Would you like to borrow equipment, donate or become a volunteer? Reach out to us today. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 2pm.

277 South Street, Suite U, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401